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02-14-2013, 12:15 AM
Yeah not having that 15 min repeatable foundry mission give any fleet marks is going to kill my fleets FM production.

I'm in a smallish fleet and I seem to be possibly the only one actively trying to grind FMs. That investigate officer reports is the sole way I was getting them recently. Decent 50FM payout (60 with boost) and reliable, not wishy washy between 5 and 25 marks as most other ways of getting FMs are.

Omega marks I can get 60-100+ at a time. Rom marks with epohhs can be had 400 every 8-10 days with little effort. But Fleet marks, at only ~25 odd each mission are like pulling teeth trying to get the thousands required for the fleet base.

Was bearable with Investigate reports. After patch, I'd have to give up doing anything fun I actually want to do in game just to constantly play fleet events that unreliably payout half as much less often if I wanted to keep up the same daily FM production.

Devs, FM payouts need boosting on fleet events.
Also I want to see a FM booster that does 50% FM boosts (current booster is only 20%).
Being in a small fleet I contribute lots to projects, as such I've >600k fleet creds and nothing to spend it on.
Even a booster costing 250k FC for 100% FM boost (and double the FM boost amount it lasts for) would be great.
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