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02-13-2013, 11:16 PM
Short term:

1.: More costume options for KDF Gorn captains/BOffs. It seems Gorn NPCs have access to more costume parts then players do. Gorn players have almost no unique costume options (Orions and Nausicaans have a lot more than a leather strap) and are limited in what they can even borrow from the Klingons.

2.: Costume options of any sort for KDF Marauder BOffs. I just unlocked T4 Marauder and picked out my Human tac officer and discovered to my profound dissapointment that I could not alter a thing about his appearance. Not even his stance. (He's a renegade human space pirate - he should swagger!) And then when I got to his uniform to see what options I could not apply, I see Mercenary gear (which I've unlocked) is listed. Showing me that and not allowing me to apply it is just downright frustrating.

3.: Transwarp to New Romulus. There's a portal in orbit of the planet. I want to use it. Maybe make it an ability you can unlock at Tier 3 in the Romulan rep system.


1.: Overhaul crafting. Don't make it cost so much dilithium to buy crafting materials. In many cases, it costs more dilithium to craft a component then costs to buy it outright from the dilithium store! Account for the time invested to gather the necessary data samples and particle traces, or up the number of those required. Let us craft Mk XII gear, and purple consoles. And more unique items - the Aegis set is excellent; I'd like to be able to make more of my own top-teir set equipment.

2.: Klingon Faction available to start from Level 1. The T1 and T2 ships are already there. I can not think of any reason why the Klingons should have to start from T3/level 20, except for a lack of storyline mission content. Speaking of which...

3.: More KDF-specific storyline episodes. The Fek'lhri are all well and good, but apart from that and four missions at the start, they get nothing. Did the High Council support B'Vat and his mad plan to unleash the Doomsday Machine, or augment the Gorn, or did J'mpok try to stop him? Don't they deserve more of a "war" with the Federation than a hit-and-run on Utopia Planetia and a rescue mission? What about internal conflicts, such as the Gorn seperatist movement? Or more fighting with the Romulans?