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02-13-2013, 11:26 PM
Vividh, also I don't agree with everything, there was Gold in your post:

Originally Posted by vividh View Post
Well done...

Removed the FM' award from the foundry....

Made the dil to Scale - whats the point of doing this? In order to get the dil the missions have to be long enough - so is that gone now? I can get a certain amount of dil for ALL missions since they now scale? - EXPLAIN please
I hope our 15 minutes-quickies will still give 960 Dilithium, but those Missions that take hours should give you more. I hope a 1 hour Mission will give you 4x 960 Dilithium = 3,840 Dilithium.

Now that Fleet Marks are now GONE from the foundry - can you INCREASE the amount of marks we get from doing Fleet alert etc? for 15 mins we get only 15-18 marks... on the other hand a 15min STF gives us over 60 marks... 75 with the optional.

Why cant STF's also give fleet marks? Why cant they be balanced?

The only way I will get my fleet marks is through the commendation system...

This will slow down my already small fleet.
Add Fleetmarks to all team-based content. Add/Increase the amount by a scaled number - scaled on average playtime and chance of success. This means for STFs maybe 10 Fleetmarks per run, on Elite-difficulty 20, exception Hive Onslaught and Into the Hive, those give 20% Bonus, ...


Why cant the projects also SCALE to the size of the fleet - you managed to scale them for everything else now it seems...

Instead of tweaking the rewards all the time, why not fix the place we USE them for...

That would lead to 1-man Fleets, at least for the time it takes to chain-up all projects, then the members are reinvited and have got only 1/25th (if it really scaled on the size) to contribute. Cryptic told us those Projects were based on the number of 25 members.

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