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Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
Vividh, also I don't agree with everything, there was Gold in your post:

I hope our 15 minutes-quickies will still give 960 Dilithium, but those Missions that take hours should give you more. I hope a 1 hour Mission will give you 4x 960 Dilithium = 3,840 Dilithium.

Add Fleetmarks to all team-based content. Add/Increase the amount by a scaled number - scaled on average playtime and chance of success. This means for STFs maybe 10 Fleetmarks per run, on Elite-difficulty 20, exception Hive Onslaught and Into the Hive, those give 20% Bonus, ...

That would lead to 1-man Fleets, at least for the time it takes to chain-up all projects, then the members are reinvited and have got only 1/25th (if it really scaled on the size) to contribute. Cryptic told us those Projects were based on the number of 25 members.

I think they will cap the foundry dil reward to 1440 - not too sure, but I think they will do that.

Our 15 min 960dil foundry mission reward... - im just not sure about that anymore - I would rather do an STF in that time and get 960dil + the chance of BNP's which is even more dil , not the mention the marks that is a standard 500dil reward if turned in directly.

In order to fix the 1-man fleet issue they could just add a simple scale

1-5 members = X
5 - 10 members = 2x

and so on... so even if there is a one-man fleet - it wont be easy

As for the reinvite - if the number of members increases - the projects automatically adjust - that is quite a simple system to avoid any problems
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