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Originally Posted by deusemperor View Post
So not sure if this has been posted before, but I really really want this idea to happen.

I want set visuals on space sets to be unlocked so you can have them active on your ships even when not using the set. Like how you have omega visuals but have full maco on ground. Also I think it would be cool to have color customization on some of the set visuals. Example: Aegis set would look awesome in red on my fleet patrol escort.

I would pay for the option to have this done. Pvpers may not like it, but most pvp with disabled visuals to hide what you're really packing anyways.

I figure the ship is you so I want more customization like I have with the ground tailor. Please!

I've mentioned it a few times to other players and they all support the idea. It would bring something new to the game having more uniqueness to ships.

Another example: love the reman look not a fan of the teal color or the set, and so would love to use a set that helps my build and look awesome in red coloring instead of teal.
what a coincidence (well there's no such thing as coincidences, but anyway)! I was actually thinking of this idea for a couple of months now.
Only MY idea was to have a tool to create original ships. Of course we would STILL use resources to pay for the final product after all the engineering has been completed. Kind of like a base project only cheaper.
But if we DON'T have one overall payment, we could have several. Like one payment of resources for the 'saucer' section, one for the hull, one for nacelles, etc....
that way we can create unique alien ships.
And if we want to modify the ship after it is COMPLETELY finished (after we have payed for the whole thing) we can use dilithium to do a 'refit'!
or by a refit option from the c-store to do modifications

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