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02-14-2013, 12:11 AM
Reduced the cooldown of both of these weapon types from 60sec to 30sec.
Their damage has been halved as a result of this cooldown reduction, keeping their Damage-per-Second constant. this is awesome, at least for me, 'cuz now it can crit more often and will do more dmg

no more FM from foundry? 50FM every 30min was too much in my opinion but they shouldn't remove all of them... i understand they want to make the players to play fleet events aswell but come on... romve all the FM from foundry? i thought the point of the foundry reward was to make us to play more and more the foundry missions...

i see in this patch note a lot of useless things...text problem fixed and so on...
what about the killing shot from the tactical cube in elite infected stf? i still don't understand why is still there? we are dying and we there is nothing that we can do to protect us from that shot...

they fix harmless bugs and let things like invisible killing shot to exist... i think they work for donuts!!! this is why they will never have more then a few hundreds of thousands of players and they will never hit 1 million players!

ps: this is not trolling or flaming! this only my opinion about your work!

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