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02-14-2013, 01:16 AM
*sight*...and again small fleets are coming to a halt until they show mercy and change something.
but honestly: who cares?
the fleet thing is in the meantime nothing more than a stepchild, nothing new and a useless ressources/dilithium grave.
a barrel without a bottom

the dilithium amounts needed to reach the wished tier is one thing and what you have again to spend for getting your gear is making the fleetbase useless.
when you calculate the amounts to equipp yourself and your ship with fleetgear and you dont need the best of the best of the best you get for this amount endless equipment at the exchange
there is still no good reason to goof around at the fleetbase.

i am sitting this change again out and wait what happens to the fleetbase in the further future.
may my fleetbase rest in peace.
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