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Originally Posted by kapla1755 View Post
The easy solution is, i normally get 1/2nd place and repair the facilities because it needs to be done. The problem is not the mission objective but human nature, maybe if "WE" hadn't been waiting 5 mins for someone else to finish the job it wouldn't have been an issue.
Yes, repairing the facility is a job that must be done. But nobody wants to find the boss already has half the hull or is almost dead when he arrives. The one that repairs the last facility misses the boss (against players with a decent level). And if you free the last freighter by the time you arrive to the facilities everything can be almost over.

It is not a problem of human nature. It is not an Isolated case.

Its natural that the people dont want to repair the last facility and dont rescue the last freighter with the mission as it is right now. Else, you are giving away your time on a mission so that another oportunistic player gets the reward (that maybe should be yours by right), and honestly, I am not up to it. But I also dont like to spend time doing nothing on a mission because nobody wants to do the dirty job (the no reward-what a waste of time job)

The problem here is that the honest and rightful winner decreases drasticaly his chances to get the 1st place reward (or even the 2nd), in opposition to the oportunistic player with less ability that (thanks to how the mission works right now) kills the boss and more frigates thanks to these dirty tactics.

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