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02-14-2013, 01:39 AM
That kind of non-sense is exactly why, nowadays, in pugs I just pick a side nobody's going for and kill spawns and nanites, then let the other four figure out who kills what on the other two sides.

9 out of 10 times I still have to jump in and save the Kang from other-side spawns and/or get jumped by Raptor's and Negh'Vars running amok with a field of spaceship debris behind them.

Just the other day I was doing this, killed everything but the cube on my side, the Raptor and Negh from the middle, after they had stomped over 3 of my team mates, and then looked around at how the other ones were doing. Turned out that, between the four of them, they had taken out 3 nanites in the middle and 1 on the far side... Truth be told, I'm surprised we pulled that one off, eventually, considering the time 3 of these guys were spending in respawn oblivion. Another decent player and me ended up doing all the work, with the other 3 just aggroing cubes and blowing up, every once in a while.

When one of the respawners noticed that I had cleared nanites on my side, he immediately started shooting at the cube. I warned him not to blow it yet, he didn't listen. I needn't have worried: by the time the other player and me had cleared the remaining 9-10 nanites, resulting spawns and one cube, he was still shooting at that one cube

I'm pretty sure one of these guys missed his loot drop because he died at the carrier and had to bite a maxed out respawn timer.