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02-14-2013, 12:59 AM
The main problem with Star Trek is that aliens suffer from Planet of the Hats Syndrome.

This runs into the desire to have a wide variety of species in both factions because the Klingons themselves are a hat. None of the other species exist as a Klingon morality play so Cryptic was stuck throwing in a bunch of "villians" together in order to have that.

What it means is that all stories about KDF species have no head to put their hat on. I suppose you can try to put a hat on another hat, but that gets silly.

I'd like to see more of what they started to do in DS9 and a couple of times in the other shows: Klingons of differering opinions, goals, values from the warrior castes. K'Valk had a bit of that (I always viewed him as a man if science for some reason) but I think the faction would be stronger with its own fist fighting version of IDIC.
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