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10-02-2009, 02:13 PM
As players advance in rank and skills, will there also be a reputation/faction factor that will be encountered. In previous games faction was handled...not so well... and I would like to see reputation and faction (both) being implemented.
Faction would be something in the realm of becoming known to a specific faction. For instance, if you run several Guardian missions for the Federation, that your faction would increase with that "group" so to speak. This would be independent of "reputation" which would be global in nature.

Reputation would allow a player to engage several different factions, but not necessarily lose faction with another "group" indeed their reputation could increase with a faction that is not involved or is involved.

I guess in short it can be seen as honor or dishonor that allows personal actions to extend across all factions, and overcome some negative factions issues, or on the flip side, if found to be untrustworthy, the high faction would not be able to allow you to run a given mission.

For instance Worf's honor was removed from his faction, however his reputation was looked at highly enough that Galron was willing to work with him in NextGen.

Likewise Martok might have done things that would lower his "faction" with the Federation, but his reputation was positive.

Granted I do not know how PVP is going to play out, but if a Federation player decides to attack another Federation member (if that is even possible) that her/his ability to obtain a new ship would be severely limited (for instance you might not be able to obtain your fully decked out ship again, but may have to take out a base model again.)

I look forward to seeing the game, but I would like to see some kind of global consequenses to actions that exists beyond "running 12 missions to get my faction back up."