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02-14-2013, 01:41 AM
You don't need 2xTT on a B'rel torp boat because it only needs 1 Cmdr or a Lt Cmdr Tac station, no more. Other boff stations should be for eng and sci abilities.

I go with this right now although I may drop DPB3 soon, not sure. It is a little heavy on heals, this lets it almost always survive long enough to cloak again when decloaked, and makes a good backup healer.

I keep another sci ability like scramble sensors trained on my boff that is in the Lt universal station and switch him around with the eng boff that is in my Lt Cmdr station sometimes to let me quickly switch abilities as needed.

Cmdr TT1, TS2, THY3, DPB3
Lt Cmdr- ET1, Aux2SIF1, EWP1
Lt-PH1, HE2

My loadouts change a lot, sometimes Romulan, Omega, and 2 regular plasma torps up front, sometimes 3 transphasics and a cluster torp up front, and sometimes a quantum, harghpeng, Omega and Romulan. Usually I use 2 tricobalt mines in back, or 1 tricobalt and 1 plasma or 1 tricobalt and 1 transphasic mine depending on what torps im using.

All transphasic loadout works best for pvp other torps better in pve