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Updated the New Romulus Reputation Store:
Added more Romulan Plasma ground weapon types:
Stun Pistols
Compression Bolt Pistols
Sniper Rifles
Split-Beam Rifles
Pulsewave Assault
A question/observation/query.

Why are you adding lower level tier weapons when the top tier weapon (Romulan Flamethrower) has not been added on the live server yet?

I pushed all the way to the top of Romulan Rep specifically to obtain the flamethrower and it's still not back ingame?

That's like climbing to the top of Mount Everest and then finding an sky full of clouds is blocking the view!

If it were me, I'd put priority on fixing the topshelf item before worrying about making changes to the lower ranked items.

And yes, I'm pretty annoyed about the Fleet Mark issue as well.
My fleet has a roster of about 60 characters, but only about 5-6 of them are active.
And out of those 5-6, only two of us (counting me) were active Fleet Mark collectors.

And well, with this nerf, we're down to one since I have no idea where to go to get Fleet marks now!

I used to collect around 300 FM per day (via the IOR and timid/nebula mission), for 3 hours of gameplay.
Consquently, this motivated to actually be in the game, since I had something to do!
I even put a great deal of effort into making a mission like this for my personal use, considering I'm rarely near the ESD and First City IOR locations.

And now that it is gone, I have no reason to play STO anymore.

Also, my fleet progress is really slowing down now, it's at a crawl.

The other sources of fleet marks aren't enough to meet the requirements.

A 20 player action could provide a pretty good source of them, but those are tricky to organise with premade groups.
And I learned the hard way if you join the Public Queue, it's just a waste of my time for minimal marks.
Premade=80-100 marks (depending if you have a bonus CXP buff running).
Public=20 marks.

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