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02-14-2013, 03:01 AM
These past few days I collected material for a lot of stories to tell, all are from PuGs.

1. After a personal best pug at ISE (with 9:20-9:30 left on the clock), I jumped to KASE. A beam Mirror patrol escort and a cat carrier took probe duty. The other two...I don't even remember what they were, cause they did nothing...and I mean it. The whole time I had to zig-zag through the entire map in order to kill all the cubes and transformers...those two I'll remember for a long time - I've rarely seen such clueless players.
2. ISE - after we blow the first cube, one player excuses himself and leaves (it happens - real life is more important than a game). Early pop of a transformer and we struggled to keep the optional. Moved to the right - the same person blew it again and someone bailed out. after a minute we received a reinforsment and we're 4 again. after we cleared the speres and the transformer, i noticed, that the popper was actually in a T3 that point I was on the brink to rage-quit. Anyway, this STF took a good 25 minutes.
3. CSE - usually I wait to see who goes where - one to the left, two to the center and one to the right....ok, IGI to the right. I start doing my things (meaning, destroying the bottom probes in one go and evasive when I'm done) and I see one of those on the centre came and started shooting at the top roll - my favourite - "When I can't do anything, I'll go with the pack and it would seem that I actually o something". And so on.....