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02-14-2013, 02:35 AM
A B'rel torp boat can easily get on the top in damage in pvp if it is piloted by a tac. Using 3 transphasic torps and cluster torp up front and transphasic mines in back you can easily get lots of kills. The trick is to suddenly spike them with multiple transphasic attacks while fully tac buffed.

You should activate torpedo high yield and tac initiative or have a second torp skill ready 15 seconds before attacking, this will let you immediatley fire off a second high yield salvo after this first one.

Before firing the torps, you want to activate all buffs and be at point blank range and drop DPB3 transphasic mines on them and release the cluster torp at the same time so they will have hard time shooting it down. Sometimes this is enough to kill the target already.

Now you fire your torpedo high yield salvo and immediatley fire another one. If the target is still alive both of these high yields should have caused enough procs from torpedo doffs to reload the cluster and that should help finish him.