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02-14-2013, 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by scytek View Post
Interesting setup.

Always nice to see what kind of torp setup the others run.

Actually I'm in with Quantum MkXII Borg, Rapid Transph., Bio-Neural and Harghpeng for PvE. Any other suggestions?

I should add that I have Omega on Tier 2 and Romulan on Tier 1
I never had much success with transphasic in pve, shields normally go down fast anyway so I hit harder with other torps. A regular plasma torp could be a better option then the transphasic for now, then upgrade it to Romulan when possible. If you also want to try the Omega torp I would only replace the Bio neural with it as you need most of your torps to fire fast and proc the torpedo doffs, and the Omega torp won't proc them anymore.