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Not sure I'm gonna like these changes but we'll see.

First off: Romulan Distress calls, reduced duration. Why didn't they simply put these things on a long cooldown and allow the responding ship to remain as an indefinate escort/wingman (until its destroyed), you know like the fleet operational asset ships do? The idea that a ship will jump in and then leave shortly after is aggrevating. They made sure that you cannot have Security Escort up more than twice, after that guards start disappearing. The same trick could have been employed with these escort ships. Also, it looks like the distress calls have a total of 10 uses. (Yes, it's comsumed on use but you have ten uses last I checked.) I don't know if that is still the case.

Second: The changes to the Foundry missions. I really hope they're going to be generous to those of us who made long missions and give our players a proper reward. But somehow, I don't think the cap on the scale will be what I'm hoping for. And for the love of God, do not bring back the daily 20 hour cool down. Making the mission repeatable (30 min cooldown) made me actually look forward to trying out other authors missions as I would get a good reward for my troubles and these missions usually took more than 30 mins anyways. I remember back when the rule of thumb was approx one hour per episode, so a 30 min cooldown was nothing. Bring back the 1000+ dil reward.

As I said, we'll have to see what some of these new changes are. But I am secretly bracing for a disappointment.

Also, anyone else notice Romulan plasma torpedoes veering away only to attack their own ships lately? Maybe it's been too long since I visited the Romulan front, but they seem to be bugged.