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02-14-2013, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by kalani2 View Post
Now my question is what is in this patch that would justify pushing it now with these issues?
Now, surely you don't think that the Tribble TEST Server is for - I don't know... - testing any new builds for bugs that might need fixing before going live? Nah, that would be silly! Think of it more like a preview of all that is to come, regardless of the player feedback. It's always been like this.

But seriously, it's good to know that Cryptic is investigating the issue, but it would be even better if they would focus on fixing such things instead of pushing them live because of some schedules. And we can't even be sure this'll get fixed at all, as there are many other graphical issues that have persisted for over a year now. This one though, at least for me personally, is more serious, and quite honestly discouraging from playing the game.

I'm going to wait for the holodeck patch to see if this persists. I'll remove any tribble data as a precaution and patch everything anew. If this'll continue I'll create a new thread in the Support section.

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