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02-14-2013, 04:42 AM
Didn't realize the Fleet Marks nerf was coming this soon, I had thought it was next weeks patch, and I had time to finish my starbase projects. The fact I've got 500 more marks to on one and won't be able to grind that out now is the straw that has broken the camels back.

Being able to grind 50 fleet marks in a half hour wasn't fun. I kind of hated it, it was burning me out but at least I could see how and where it was going, and the content wasn't frustrating. Playing a fleet event with pugs for 12 fleet marks in the same period of time is not something I'm willing to endure.

I've decided until such time as the fleet mark rewards are returned at the previous level to some form of the game, I'm not going to bother logging in anymore, and find something else to play. I canceled my subscription a few weeks ago, and had held off the last few weeks on zen purchases anyway. I'll keep checking the forum, in hope that sanity prevails among the developers.I'd rather play Star Trek then any other setting for an MMO, I've tolerated and financially supported Grinding in lieu of endgame content. This however is now an utterly hopeless grind. There is now no way I can get my fleet to Tier 3 like this. And that was all really that was bringing me back to the game every day, I've done everything else there is to do too many times to count.