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02-14-2013, 04:08 AM
Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post

All that aside why do many feds want cloaks and why do most klingons NOT want feds to have cloaks


Cloaked player engages enemy player sees weapon types ect......Evads and Cloaks changes consoles /weapons/shields to counter enemy player then boasts about how great a pvper he is

This is what is all about
LOL Never thought of this that way I must admit. I don't want cloak for Feds. due to lore and ST feel mostly, I have no problem with Romulan players using cloak if their faction ever comes along STO.

I play usually KDF, so what you said is kinda' new for me as I don't encounter many cloaked ships from my side. I guess that would only work on the BoP & the battlecloak since you can't engage the regular one once in combat, but LOL Changing setup during every single battle? Wow, then I guess some people really need to take a game less seriosely.
I would never imagine myself doing that.
Because true Starfleet Captains command Exploration Cruisers!
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