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02-14-2013, 04:48 AM
Well guys, sorry if you felt insulted, you have to understand there are a lot of seemingly genuine people that aren't that at all.

Having read your posts it all seems to add up and if you would like to join SRS you would be welcome. Mail me ingame matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST or IRL

First though I would suggest you try to recruit some good guys to join your fleet as it stands, otherwise you would be throwing away a lot of time and resources for nothing. OK so if you joined us you would jump up to tier 4 but it would not be your work that had built it and wouldn't feel the same. Look for people in Elite STFs, in Fleet Marks runs etc, I know most of them are in fleets but you sometimes find some that have just left or are searching.

In the end if you wish to join us you are welcome and in time it may be possible to incorporate your existing fleet so that is not lost, changes are on the way that will allow fleets to merge although I have no idea how or when and suspect it's probably a Season 9 or 10 item.

All the best to all three of you
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