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Memory Alpha

"They're like animals: vicious, seductive. They say no Human male can resist them."

But then Memory Beta brings up the Lodubyaln.

STO has really ****ty lore and why? Such a well defined IP with decades of development...
Problem in this case is Mem Beta.
It's a compilation of everything that was ever stated about anything.
In this case, take a look at the article from Mem Beta you've linked to and see how many sources point to the FASA RPG.
That FASA RPG is not even considered soft-canon nowadays and there's a ton of stuff in it that was contradicted by later canon material.
Hence the entire Mem Beta Article is so totally weird to read.

Same is true for other species.
According to the old Star Fleet Battles tabletop, the Gorn origninate from three different planets but are genetically identical.
They're natural enemies of the Romulans and have fought half a dozen wars against them and sided with the Federation in the "General War" which lasts from Y171 (2278) to Y188 (2295)

In FASA's material, the Gorn are from one planet and have only heard about the Romulans from the Federation.
There was of course no "General War" like in SFB.

In canon Trek we don't know when the Gorn met the Romulans.

It's this contradictory which is why you should be very careful when you read stuff on Mem Beta because it gets confusing really fast.