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# 288 PErfect world Costumer support
02-14-2013, 05:16 AM
I would like to officialy transmit my disregard for the quality of the support team in Perfect World.
It takes too long to resolve any issue.
In my case,my account was hacked by a joker that simply hacked to my account and e-mail and changed not only the e-mail conected to the account like he too erased all the pc's i had conected to the i cant play because pw sends a message to the jokers bogus e-mail asking to activate my computer.
this issue was simply resolved if they would just rool back the acount to the original e-mail i created the account with,from there i could improve security,change passwords and connect the pc i usualy play again...but no..2 weeks or more has passed and still just crap e-mails asking the same questions over and over,details details details....
How hard is it to put the original e-mail that was used to create the account in the first place back conected to the normal reasoning the real owner is the one that has the first e-mail that was used to create it right?
Looks to difficult for them...I used to play Guild Wars for some years and the same happened to me back then less than 24 hours i had the original mail conected to the account and i was playing.
Note that the hacker was a joker and not a real nasty guy,he didnt changed the password from my P.W. account ,if he was he would be playing for shure i think ,he just erased the pc and changed the mail...

Looks too confusing for the support team...still waiting after 2 weeks and lost the oportunity to gain the ambassador ships... >