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02-14-2013, 05:29 AM
It's happening to me every second or third zone transfer.

I've got to the stage where all I want to do is log on, send Duty Officers on missions, and log off.

It's extremely irritating to queue at Starbase 24 for a long time, then have their cheap and nasty PWE server dump you out of the game.

It also usually won't let me log back in immediately. An Error message is displayed saying "unable to even authenticate", or the dreaded "trying one time" message.

Somebody at Cryptic/PWE should get the chop over this.

Not only are the Techs doing nothing, even the forum staff seem unconcerned about all the complaints. Their silence speaks volumes about their contempt for the playerbase, as does the fact that they know the ticket system is broken and done nothing about it.

Even emailing support just generates an automated closed action and a meaningless generic response blaming the player.

Get this fixed PWE, spend some time and some cash, or lose more players.
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