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02-14-2013, 05:30 AM
As I recall there hasn't been any confirmation that this is working as intended, so until a dev comes and states otherwise, this is a bug or an oversight.

And if they do come and say this is working as intended, we'll call BS, as there's absolutely no reason C-Store Hangar pets shouldn't be usable on this class of ship, considering all the other smallcraft hangars work without issues. Those are not unique hangars restricted to only one class of ship (like Fek'Ihri Frigates or Stalker Fighters), they could be used on any carrier vessel up until now.

The same thing goes for Disruptor Quad Cannons - you want to argue that this is working as intended as well, even though FED's Phaser Quad Cannons work just fine?

BTW. todays patch isn't going to fix this, sadly. I think we may need to pass this out to a specific dev for them to even acknowledge this.

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