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02-14-2013, 06:43 AM
300 nstfs???? thats a lot. if you still feel it is challenging, than stay right there, lol. I went to elite after around 20, because it was easy as hell...

your dps is rather low, especially if we take into account that this is for normal. yes, the dps might go up, due to the higher sustainability, with stronger enemies, but they can fight back a lot harder, and your dps would probably just drop, because you die more. still 5k dps is not much for a tact, in a ship with DHCs, even without the best of equipment.

however run an ISE to test. if the run is not full of baddies, than you should get atleast 4k DPS there, you should be fine for elite stfs, if you are in a team, that knows what it does, and no bad dps dealers are there (which most of the rounds consist of, even from elite channels, so I still have to say, 5k dps is not much for a tact in an escort)