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02-14-2013, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I was there for that chat and that isn't how the series of events went down at all. Borticus basically came into chat with this whole cooldown reduction idea set in his mind; it was not originally suggested to him by anyone.

This is important: it tells us that Bort likely wasn't taking our input very seriously in the first place. Myself and a few others told him in the chat how there could be some problems with his approach and I personally suggested another solution. I'm not faulting the guy but I do have to wonder why he asked for our opinions when he'd apparently made his mind up before entering the channel.

I should also add that no one requested the devs to work on the tricobalt torps. The issue the entire time, and I must stress this again, was with the changes Cryptic made to tric mines interacting with patterns.
sorry shim but your very wrong on your facts here. most people did agree with it.

people did ask for tric torps to be messed with. i for 1 am glad about the change. if everyone hates the change then i need to ask this, has anyone really used the torp? the people up in arms about it? you guys are upset about an item you dont even use