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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
In my opinion I would say that Cryptic does aknowledge the fact there are bugs etc which needs to be cleaned up. But the problem which I think is the main reason is that Cryptic has their own ideals and goals for the game, and hence dont have the need or the time to focus on what the playerbase has to say. They have after all released content upon content through the various seasons with the intended goal to make profit from it. Time spent fixing bugs and unbalanced gear is simply too time consuming and costs alot, hence not worth doing in the immediate future. After all, there is money to be made!

So as I see it there is:

1. Lack of resources in the form of manpower and actual investment being poured into the game. After all, the only way to make a profit is to develope new consoles, ships, items etc, and when this is saturated its about time to make new ones. If there was sufficent resources, the devs would have more time to go through these bugs and actually balance existent content.

2. The existing developer team is doing one hell of a sloppy job balancing new content, and being so arrogant and not listening to the playerbase cause they are sitting on their high horse, and think they are correct 100% of the time. If this was not the case, how come the players playing this game are able to detect and contemplate good solutions to said bugs, when the games developers are not?

My 2 kroners.
Indeed they do seem to keep profiting no matter what they do, so why change? And we really can't ARGUE that. It is what it is.

And once again, because if I see a dead horse, at the very least I'm gonna kick it. Same with elephants on the sitting board. They also will receive rough treatment at my hands.

As you have, and as I'm sure others will as well, noted we aren't saying the Devs or anyone else involved in the game is less than intelligent. But even the brightest amongst them couldn't balance new content on a base that is fundamentally broken.

In other words, no amount of testing, tweaking, retesting and retweaking, will ever result in a balanced product coming out. Unless that product has NOTHING to do with combat. I'm sorry I'm in error. If it is simply a costume they are normally fine. Okay the newest costume does tend to clip your avatar when you play dress up, but I'm sure that will get fixed.

So if it has to do with combat, and it shoots at something, or something else shoots at it, or it changes those activities in any way, there is no way it can be balanced.

Really a great story. And to think they actually built some of the higher floors crooked in an attempt to even things out. This means if they ever actually DO FIX the guys....It's STILL LEANING!

Go to the root. Fix the foundation first. Don't worry about all the stuff above that. It CANNOT be fixed. Once the foundation is fixed, THEN you can address the rest. In fact, MANY of the issues in the game NOW will seem trivially easy to balance once the foundation is repaired.

EDIT: And yes, I know I'm a complete Knob, etc, etc. I would like to say that I really do enjoy and play other aspects of this game outside of PVP. Maybe not roleplaying on Drozana, but beam to my ready room after a match and we'll see. No seriously this is a very visually stunning game, the space combat is tops. I'll do PVE matches JUST to watch the space combat. There are many solid aspects of this game, and I accept this is just my feeling, but my feeling is that it's a shame to see potential go to waste due to an inability to address this. And we aren't talking "change the game engine" type of event. Just reallocate some resources that are already in the game.


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