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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Anyone who knows canon star trek history knows the federation would never use cloaks unless its survival was threatened

All that aside why do many feds want cloaks and why do most klingons NOT want feds to have cloaks


Cloaked player engages enemy player sees weapon types ect......Evads and Cloaks changes consoles /weapons/shields to counter enemy player then boasts about how great a pvper he is

This is what is all about
Maybe thats whats irs about for those few feds playing thier KDD alts.... The majority of us KDF fans just do not wish to see another KDF faction ability given to the feds just because they want it.
The feds have thier select cloaking vessels. Thats all they need and it adheres to thier image as the cultured and paladinesque hero in the IP.

Cloaking has been a Klingon technology for a long time and it suits both our definition of honor and our actions as a conquest expanding predator mindset race and culture.
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