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Originally Posted by macrican View Post
wow, seriously people? Have your DOff's do some assignments, and hand in your commendation points at your starbase for fleet marks? From STO Wiki:

File Commendation Report

>>You can start Duty Officer missions at the console next to the tunnel in your fleet's Ops Center. Per commendation your points total should exceed 110.000 CXP before you can start a Commendation Report Duty Officer mission. Per Mission it will cost 10.000 CXP to earm 75 Fleet Marks (or 100 Fleet Marks on a critical success). The mission's Critical Success Traits are Tactical, Emotional, Resolve, and Cunning. It is suggested to never use "Success" Specialization because it reduced over all Critical Success.<<

I know, I know, it requires maxing out your commendation points to begin with and then transwarping allll the way to your fleet base to go to that room with the Watch Officer and accessing that terminal and then clicking a few buttons. I know it's rough to do. I know there's no pew pew pew involved and that it requires thought, but if y'all try it, you will succeed. I've maxed out all but two of the commendation system tiers in the year that I've been playing and once I hit that extra ten thousand mark on all of my tier 4's, I go over and cash in. Easy peasy. is it instant gratification? Hell no. Will it slow things down? A bit, yes. Is there a better alternative? Oh sure...grind out aggravating fleet missions for an hour or two in order to make at least equal to the above suggestion. OH and an added bonus, if you do the missions before you log off for the night when you come back, you get a big surprise!
let me guess: you farm all the 10k CXP for each commendation in one day right? and you got the purple doffs with all 4 perfect traits for the mission from santa claus right? in addition to max all the commendations will take ONLY 1 YEAR...

ps: this is not a section where you can show us how big and awesome you are! if you want to help leave your trolling attitude at home!

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