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02-14-2013, 07:10 AM
While reading the patch logs i have to ask myself if the developers actually know what they are doing.

The amount of fleet marks that are required is getting more and more as new content is getting added. Starbase and embassy already take thousands of fleet marks for simple projects. Hundred thousands in total.
And the only valueable way to earn fleet marks is being removed now.

Fleet events are idiotic, boring and the reward is not worth the time spent.
Right at the moment there is no alternative to the foundry missions when it is about earning fleet marks.
And in fact most foudry missions are only played because of the fleet marks. Remove the fleet marks from there and practically nobody wants to play the foundry missions anymore because they are simply not worth it anymore.

So what are the alternatives?
Adding fleet marks to PVP? Cmon you can not be serious about this.
This is just an invitation for Tier 5 fleet members to bash the members of lower lvl fleets.
In order to win in PVPs you need good equipment... equipment that you can only access if you are already in a high lvl fleet.
So members of low lvl fleets get the chance to play target... for old fleets? is that the new innovative idea behind the new PVP system?

IF the fleet marks get removed then new fleets practically never get the chance to make progress... they practically never get the chance to raise in tiers.
It does not even make sense anymore to form new fleets if these changes really get introduced. It might even be that smaller fleets die now as they lost their chance to evolve.