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02-14-2013, 08:12 AM
It's so easy a blind man could see it with a cane.

1. How to make players actually play in an event and not afk for reward.
2. How to make it equally attactive to do all events or missions.
3. How to remove the manufacture of "grind" missions for easy rewards.
4. How to control the amount of "free" money handed out vs. paying customers paying the cost of running the servers.
5. How to make purists happy, so that the game actually mimics "real life" ways to obtain goods (dilithium,ec, etc.)
6. How to get players to play without regards to level of an area. (Vets helping noobs).

part one: monitor damage done in battle, scale a reward to that amount. Marks, ec, drops, dilithium, everything. (Blow up a ship, you get it's resources)
part two: Make paying players rewards double that of non paying customers.

Quit "monkeying" with the systems. You guys are idiots for changing things so much. I buy a weapon, freely available to everyone, like it, use it. Then you decide to change how it works. Come on, in the real world this is never done. It is against the law to sell an item, based upon description, and then change it. It's called "bait and switch".

Yeah, let me go out and buy a new car, sign the papers, w8 on the car to be detailed and cleaned up, only to be told, "oh, the red sports car you bought is being discontinued, we have this puke green mini van for you. Have a nice day."

I know it's a bit different in games like this, for balance purposes and such, but the actions are resented as much as in any other transaction.

I may continue to play and I may not. These continuing changes are wearing me thin, my love for Star Trek universe only holds on for so long.