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sorry that was in caps..but maybe a dev will see it..
i really hope so

cause the current nerfage of the tricos has done just that..
now quantums with spread iii do much more dmg than trico with spread iii

great mathematical skills guys..really

taking out our beloved trico like that is really just killing the whole notion of a trico weapon.

the whole point of that weapons is u suffered the gun diminished consistent dps by much to allow urself to fight more strategically in a battle and press at the right moment on tricos with other debuffs to spike dmg otherwise non spikable enemy .

thats how slow cruisers.carriers could handle a fast pesky escort coming from behind and lot more situations like that when the enemy is out maneuvering u and shoots at u from behind...not to mention it worked great on pets.

if u nerf the trico's dmg as much atleast let it when it crits to go to the same hights as b4 the very least .

bottom line...trico's new dmg pattern < quantums and basically all mines with spread pattern on them
great going guys