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02-14-2013, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by khhawkes View Post
My brain went wandering down this path as I read the thread over. Could they be trying to slow kill STO in favor of their next game NWN?

Well they have all your monies already (lol25bucksforaship and lol5bucksforasimplerespec), most of the important staff would get a plum job on nwn without fuss, they would not have to pay money to cbs so more profit and of course as they start from scratch, they can start the 'uber lock box lootz' power creep from step one with a whole new group of sucker, err consumers who will pay through the nose for the chance at 'enchanted armor x with new upgrade jewel for uber dps', even if said chance is less than being hit by a meteorite

Its entirely possible, but I doubt it is in this case - in this case I think its just bad decisions on the level of calling the Titanic 'unsinkable' or calling a Sumo wrestler a 'fatso' or naming a shuttle 'invincible' then taking it into an estf hive