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# 76 Fleet Marks
02-14-2013, 08:27 AM
Fleet admirals will now have a horrendous time encouraging their fleet members to get fleet marks. The rewards are too small and the number of missions too few to make this into a "Fleet event".

So we will see fleet projects hanging around waiting to be completed for months, which will be very discouraging. Players need to see maintainable progression, this change will frustrate all the fleets as I believe people are underestimating how many marks were being generated through the foundary. No one has asked me where I get my marks from....I just quietly contribute them when I have a few hundred.

I hope that fleet mark rewards will be scaled up or something will replace the method we were using to earn fleet marks.

I don't accept that Foundary missions were not related to "Fleet", simply by BEING in a fleet everything you do is related to your fleet. Your individual progression is important to your fleet, if you earn 8k dil every day, doesn't matter where from, you will contribute some of it your fleet. Explore missions are not fleet related, but you contribute some of the dilithium from those missions to your fleet!

Cryptic, please re-think.