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# 189 Why do they care?
02-14-2013, 08:50 AM
I just don't understand why they even care if we gain a bunch of fleet marks quickly. You can't buy them for real money.

The faster you earn FM the more dilithium a fleet will need (something you can buy with real money).

The faster a fleet gets to T5 the faster people will be buying ship modules (also something you can buy for real money).

You would think they would make Fleet marks spring out of the ground as we walk.

Face the facts cryptic, you don't know how to write missions any more (2800 multiplayer... nuff said), you have no ideas for content.

Even when you introduce something to a game that writes its own story, you dont. Temporal vessels, where's the story line missions for that. Ferengi boxes introduced, no ferengi missions. Come on, really?

So what's left? Neato gear and a grind fest. At least with the foundry we got to play someone else mindnumbing brainless grind to add on to the 4 stale mindnumbing brainless grinds you gave us over 6 months ago.

And now, with FM farming, you had a way to speed up our spending real money that you implemented by accident which we didn't realize we were doing to ourselves and you want to stop that as well. Genius!

I almost wish I could go back to right when Atari was selling STO. And yes, we had no content, and true, there was no word on what was coming. But what we had was hope. Hope that when the "Great Darkness" was over we would have weekly FE's like we were promised. Hope that new story-line content would flow like Romulan Ale at a party. A newly invigorated staff happy to be owned by a company that actually wanted the STO IP.
I miss hope.