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Originally Posted by pug02 View Post
In a strange way your DPS might actually go up. Sometimes the NPCs in a Normal STF die too fast for you to accumulate higher DPS.

^I have wondered about that, three hits and the probes(5-6 for spheres) go poof.

thanks to all for the insight
This is the case. one of the issues that you will face with the act is that your dps is measured by the total damage by the time spent in the map. A tankier build on an escort can prove to have higher dps then a glass cannon with higher damage stats just because dead men can't shoot. The reason why ISE is commonly used for a base line on dps is because there is less time wasted traveling to the next point or waiting on a boss to decloak.

Higher dps also does not mean faster kills. I was comarring my dbb and 3 dhc vs my hyper plasma torp and 3 dhc and the results surprised me. The dbb build had higher dps then the torp build but I was clearly killing things faster with the torp. The reason had to do with the torp being more effective on the hull then the beam weapon. also the plasma proc was eating away at their hull before the shields were down so I had less hull to kill one I cut through the shields.

Attack pattern beta vs omega also has impact on your dps. I prefer beta to lower the resistance of the target to make it weaker to every one rather then upping my own spike damage. In a focus fire scenario beta is more effect but on your own omega is. since omega is your spike then that is your dps where beta is everyones dps and ACT cannot track that.

There is more to strategy for effectiveness in the build then the bigger dps number.