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02-14-2013, 08:10 AM
The reman set is basically worthless for two reasons:

1- No shield resists.

2- Set bonuses are extremely weak.

No shield resists...even with the 3 piece 'extra shield hp' bonus the fact remains you're getting hit for full damage and this negates the covariant shield's higher capacity even when full-proc boosted. So, it is WORTHLESS.

Set bonuses are weak. The high yield plasma torpedo bonus barely speeds up the plasma heavy torpedoes and it does not give them any increased defense at all. A player or NPC with fire at will is guaranteed to shoot down the torpedo in the first shot/hit.

Three piece bonus as stated above is laughable. Whoever came up with the math for the proc and the effect should not be allowed to design anything for this game.

Only good thing of this set is the engine bonuses and the shield's look (which is awesome).

Personally I think the Reman set would make a lot more sense IF:

The shield was Resilient Paratrinic (high cap, low regen, 5% bleedthrough) with 10% resists to all energy damage types.
The engine remains as is.
The deflector gives high bonus to subspace decompiler (+60) since its the only stat in the game with no console to boost it; instead of idiotic stealth detection (a broken mechanic since F2P) it should give +targeting like the Omega deflector and finally +30 shield system (to increase max shield hp).

Bonuses: (all passive)
2-piece: +40% turn rate, +X% heavy torpedo (not just plasma) speed so it matches the speed of a photon torpedo), + 400% heavy torpedo defense

3-piece: +10% additional damage to ambush (decloak damage bonus), 10% chance to proc +5% shield resist to all damage types per hit. Lasts 10 seconds.