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The Foundry Spotlight is just that, a spotlight. It's promoted on our site, it's promoted in the Mission Journal, and it's promoted by Star It's reserved for those story missions we think players would enjoy playing and those we find to be incredible. Missions like those that were suggested in the other thread are fun and we offer rewards for completing them (as long as they conform to EULA and qualify), but when I'm looking for missions to consider for the spotlight, I look for them to have fun content AND a great story.


Brandon =/\=
So, really the rules for the spotlight are just the missions that you personally like? That seems a little one sided. There is a large and diverse player base in this game and in Trek fandom. Yet one person gets to be the 'decider' on what is 'good' or not?

Here is my suggestion. Once a month have a players' choice mission get spotlighted. Open the decision up to ALL the players on what they think is a good and fun player made mission and let everyone vote.


Jengoz [%]D

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