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02-14-2013, 09:19 AM
If someone has done a handful of regular STFs between 44-50 or done them on another character, there is no reason not to go into Space-ESTFs when hitting 50.

With a decent Boff setup, even blue Mk.X gear will suffice.

#2 the Advanced Combat tracker is pretty accurate, or do i need to try another?
I FEEL that I get more DPS and DAMAGE from the Breen than I do from the Escort, ACT seems to confirm that.
I'm not a fan of combat parsing in STFs. Too much depends on how the STF is going, what your role is/was and what the other guys were doing. For example you'll do much more damage, in a group which is able to constantly debuff a target with disruptor breach, FOMM and APB and have TacFleet running then in a group which isn't.

If you want to compare both ships, start one of the damage-testing foundry missions and parse both of your ships against shielded and unshielded targets for a longer damage cycle (10+ minutes). That way you'll really be able to get somewhat comparative numbers between both of your ships.

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