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02-14-2013, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by rachelj88 View Post
Like what I said earlier in the thread, kinda went quiet on the forums so I didn't follow it up.

Escorts with high Hull points should not have 5 tac consoles... period!
they can so easily tear up most ship classes regardless of their defence, Why?

Because most tactical Captains don't have to realyl spec into any other skills.
they can get higher critical shots, therefore being more deady, giving an Escort 5 tactical slots to stack 5xWeapon Consoles is completely un-balanced, especially when the closest a cruiser or an science vessel can get is 3 tac console slots.

by subverting certain escorts into a more DPS based class which would reduce their hull in return for much higher damage and turn rate.

The Bugship is a perfect example of what everyone seems to call the perfect escort, all because it has the highest statistics of all escorts. and is quite plainly ridiculous.
high hull with the most absurd superior DPS dealing skills.

a supremely built Bug is pretty much invincible.

now I know the PvP guys generally say "you obviously don't play an escort"... I have played an Escort, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but unlike yourselves, I have noticed the void between Escorts and the other ship classes.

I'm also very much aware that as a science captain, my role is different, ofcourse my role is different, but if our roles where reversed and it was Science Online, I'd take any reduction to be balanced.

plus, I can't* quote because I've already started as you can see above, but someone mentioned something about shield mods and how such a ship had 0.1 or 0.2 more of shield mod, in defence of why should "escorts" get a hull reduction when ship X has +0.2 shield mod? to be truely honest and to be fair, Hull comparisons in comparison with shield mods, they don't line up, at all.
Escorts can get a massive 10k difference in hull "once skilled" compared to a normal "small" science vessles, where Science vessel shields only gain around 3k to 5k shield difference.


I take your point on escorts and I agree that the Bug ship is bucking the power curve and has been for a good while. For the sake of full discloser I fly a Bug myself, I don't really think they are invincible, but they are very strong. However there are ships in the same league.

On the topic of Sci Ships, I can understand feeling stepped upon, the recent tricobalt nerf was directly targeted at Sci's, while the nerf was done for pvp reasons its also effected Sci PVE which was very sad. But there is so many factors going into that, and Sci have the problem that one of their core class abilities is the most effective PVP skill in the game. However with the advent of the Aux Cannons, there are decent Sci damage options out there for the purposes of pve. I have to admit they do cost real money but such is the way of F2P.

Shield percentages are difficult and dangerous to play with to some extent. Folks from way back will remember have to kill Engineers via bleed through damage, cause we just couldn't punch through their shields. Shields today have a lot going for them, but I do think its tough to see the Shield consoles get DR but the Tac Consoles do not. It does feel like a double standard.