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02-14-2013, 09:24 AM
In the situation you mentioned (movement control such that acc>def), the access acc always gets converted into crth and crtd. I don't know the exact formula, maybe somebody does. But the point is, when you have control over your opponent, acc modifier is always going to behave like the other two mods, crth and crtd, that you are advocating here. Higher the acc rating, i believe more the roll into crth and crtd.

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And you may want to consider that the Acc stat for BO3 happens to be busted.
Is this really so? In my experience I found evidence to the contrary. When I had 6 points in targetting and running a accx2 crth DBB, my hit rate was somewhere around 75-80%. Now I'm running accx3 DBB with 9 points in targetting and I'm consistently getting 90% hit rate. At least that is what my parser says.

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