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02-14-2013, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Most of you guys likely already know all this so really this isn't for you. Someone was asking and it's easy to just post it here.

This is for a system of hits and crits that Bort at least has said is still current. So if some of the underlying rules have changed, OF COURSE this changes as well. What follows is really a way to see what it is you may want to have as a mod on your weps.

Acc as a stat is meaningless. Acc ONLY has meaning when you are comparing it to Def. There is no other time that Acc has any meaning. There are very few ways to gain Acc in the game. There's the trait, and there's a total of +30% on weps. There are some gear pieces in the game as well that add a small bit of Acc.
think you need to get out of cap and holds and karret and play real pvp in arens. sorry man but this is all incorrect. i know for a fact since pug had did a parser for all wep mods and acc came out with the highest damage. accx2 is 89% hit rate while accx3 is a 98% hit rate. and this was tested while moving.