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Right, so, as I've already reported on the Tribble forums several days ago, the newest patch broke something in the video settings. Some people claim they've already experienced similar issues on Holodeck earlier, but at least for me this one was introduced with today's patch. So here's the problem I personally am now experiencing:

- Enabling any kind of antialiasing automatically disables many additional visual effects, such as SSAO, Depth of Field, Underwater View, Soft Particles, and lowers Bloom Quality to Low.
- Tooltip states that it's the GPU/Driver fault, even though it all worked worked fine before the patch.
- Disabling Antialiasing allows me to enable all these options, but naturally makes the game jaggy.
- I CANNOT force antialiasing through the Nvidia Control Panel at all.
- Additional problems include extreme lag and slowdowns when using any kind of slider in the video settings, even in the case of something as simple as the brightness.

I'm running Windows XP Home SP3 with Nvidia GeForce 460 GTX and newest official nvidia drivers (310.90). So no DX11 or anything. Didn't have any issues like that since about two years of using current hardware and software.

A dev already replied that they're looking into this but this may take a while... They've also added a note in the patch notes under Known Issues - "Some players may experience difficulty changing their graphics settings."

Anyone else experiencing similar issues is encouraged to post specifics or possible workarounds. Let's hope we won't have to wait too long for Cryptic to fix this...