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02-14-2013, 09:35 AM
Being that I have only been playing STO for 8+ months and I still do not have the permission required to create a new thread here on the forums, and I do not know where else to post my question, I'm posting it here. My apologies if it is inappropriate..

Question is this.
At the Boff requisition officer on ESD there are "Special" officers. In order to get these Boffs you need a "Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form". I'm not talking about the Caitian, Aenar, Ferasan or Borg. I can get those simply buy purchasing the Reassigment Forms from the Zen store. But, I'm referring to the ones listed in the "Special Officers" tab of the store when you open the store at the Requisition Officer.

These Boffs have the "Leadership" and "Space Warfare Specialist" abilities.

I cannot find a "Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form" anywhere. I've asked several other players about it and they too are at a loss as to where to find this form.

Does anyone have the answer?

Thanks in advance!