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02-14-2013, 09:40 AM
I'm a fed player, and i agree that not every ship on the fed side should get cloak, and at the most, it should be maybe one per type (escort and cruiser are covered, small craft and sci maybe, but carrier might be OP) As for the actual cloak i've stated my opinions n that numerous times but here i will stick to all cloak should be "battle cloak" for both sides from the first available cloaking device. I should be able to activate it at any time combat or no since that's how it worked in the IP.

I honestly wouldn't mind if the fed version had a debuff when cloaked though so they took more damage or some thing reasonable, or letting the klingons have the better version of the cloak than feds. It just defeats the purpose of having cloak in general if you can't use it like they do in the show.