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02-14-2013, 08:40 AM
the problem is its always the player that as the Nerf what about the STF gate with its invisible torpedo that one hits everyone.
why is this invisible torpedo not available to players .
plasma as always been the least of favorite weapon sets due to the fact there's far to many defenses against plasma but the Borg do over kill.
i used Tricobalt over the time to fight the Borg on my STF runs due to the fact it could hit hard but now as killed that approach.
i also use the new plasma rep sets i do like but find they don't do enough damage
problem we always face new stuff comes out it gets tested on tribble server and should be if at all nerf before it comes to the hollow deck that's what tribble server is used for so to start nerfing stuff in the hollow deck just disapoints everyone.
and tricoblot was nerfed a few week ago now nerfed again that is so bad looks like we gonna have to take knives to gun fight