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02-14-2013, 08:43 AM
I've posted these test results in multiple threads in the past, but I will reiterate.

I have done accuracy tests in controlled environments with fleet mates. And, I concur. ACC is not needed (well, maybe for beams).

Here was our first test:
My fleetmate had an [acc]x3 and [crth]x3 turret. He does not have the accuracy trait. I have the elusive trait and my defense was at 80%. This test was done without buffs and was parsed with each weapon firing about 500-1000 shots.
[acc]x3 = 150 DPS, 80% accuracy
[crth]x3 = 160 DPS, 60% accuracy
Despite having 20% less accuracy, [crth]x3 still had higher DPS.

From our second test:
A different fleetmate had 81.3% defense, and my passive accuracy was 25%. I tested a single [crtd]x3 DHC. With the [crtd]x3 DHC, I was able to hit him 80% of the time. Again, this was with between 500-1000 shots on target.

I did not test beams, but, in regards to cannons and turrets, ACC is not really needed unless you're trying to increase your weapon proc chances.

For my setup, I have all [crtd]x3 weapons on the fore, one [crtd]x3 turret on the aft, and two [crth]x3 turrets on the aft. I picked up the [crth] on the aft for increasing my critical hits and increase my odds at getting a Sensor Assault proc.