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Originally Posted by mancom View Post
That's an interesting idea. I wonder how such a team would perform against the full carrier spam team.

The idea is not to find the most annoying setup. It is to find to the most powerful setup without any restrictions by good taste.

The reason is this: I'm not convinved that Cryptic has understood why that latest tournament attempt had failed. I'm afraid they blame the players for not finding a common ruleset. But the truth is that the game is in such a bad shape that nobody in their right mind has any interest in playing in a completely unrestricted tournament (i.e. play the game the way it has been designed by the current devs).
so far, stacking temporal set fields is the most debilitating thing i have encountered in the modern game. its a unique kind of helpless.

exactly. making rules at all means that pvp is not in the ideal shape it should be in. and the cause of all of pvp's problems. and a big part of why its not more popular

Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I've faced this and it's absolutely as bad as you can imagine, if not the worst/most aggravating setup in the game
i jumped 2 temporal ships in a C&H alone at a point, they were both from a fleet i didn't recognize. i nearly killed one on decloak, till i got hit with both fields at once, and had about 0 turn or speed, and i recall my abilities not firing wile i was trying to activate them, even weapons wouldn't fire. its like casting ruberbanding on someone. it was a mistake being that cocky going after them both like that for sure
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