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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
lol Good luck trying to find any logic in Cryptic's way of dealing with things.

They will write one thing in their own lore and then completely disregard it and counter it with another when it fits them.
How about declaring 'the Doctor' as a sentient being with his own rights as any living being in the lore and now using sentient A.I. that kills itself to counter it's enemies? Not quite the behavior of the Federation, the pillar of moral and ethic in the galaxy. I've noticed that cryptic will do whatever they see fit for the time being even if it means contradicting their own previous views.

However the point of the discussion was wheather the Fed. should be getting a cloak. I have a few points of why I believe they shouldn't:

-It's against canon (although I agree with the players that say the canon has gone down the drain in STO), I never use cloak on my Feds. because I'm a big ST fan and it doesn't seem right to me.
-It's against Federation principles to break treaties and their given word and I would hate it if the Federation in STO turns into an Earth-like conquering empire with disregard of everything else but their narrow minded current needs (which is unfortunately slowly happening). I understand that STO is an MMO and other rules apply, but honestly I believe that we can have the moral 'hero' faction even in an MMO without stepping on their principles and the point of their existence.
-It's game breaking - I am a firm believer that different factions/cultures should have a different view on their warfare and different branches of technology. For me the interesting part is this diversity. To each their own. Then when I go to PvP I have to use my tech. advantages to counter my opponent from the other faction. If we have the exact same it gets kinda' pointless and boring, at least for me.
-It's destroying the KDF - Feds. get KDF consoles through lockboxes. Feds get the Honor Guard through the rep. system (KDF does MACO as well). Feds have cloak on 2 starships. The Vesta, a sci-vessel can mount DHC. What we'll probably see next is Flight-deck cruisers for the Federation. I wonder what will be anyone's incentive to play the KDF, when you'll have all the KDF tech on the Fed. side and yet if you want to go KDF, you have to level up a Fed. to 25?
-Federation starships have other advantages - increased hull, better shield modifiers, better escort turn rates...what would be nice if the cloak is such a problematic issue for Fed. players is to be given tech that can improve their ways of countering/discovering it. But please, for Star Trek sake, let us not have everything the same on every faction.
What would be the point of a Romulan faction that I see many players are eagerly expecting if they get Fed. content, start at level 25 and the Feds. can get and fly all their ships and use all their tech? IMHO, we need to have more diversity, not less.
I perswonally don't care if Feds get cloaks or not, but, I think it's safe to say the "Canon" boat set sail a looooooooooooong time ago in this game and will never return.